Book Review: All The Bright Places

ATBPUrgh, writer’s envy is a terrible thing.  And I felt it on basically every other page, if not more, of this book.  There’s just so much I love about the surprising and original writing.  And the characters are just so vividly drawn, not just Violet and the amazing Finch, but so so many others as well – their families, their school friends, even the bit parts are so solidly depicted.  The love story is so well paced as well, so compelling.  Literally could NOT put it down.  I think this is one of the better, more relatable and sensitive depictions of mental health issues I’ve seen, as well as giving a fresh, original and realistic take on it.  Totally jealous, and can’t wait for the movie.

Don’t Believe the Hype

OK, so I “did a Stephen Fry” when I read my first bad review. Even had a sleepless night and everything. But I’ve got a few now and I’ve become philosophical about it (sort of). Not everyone’s going to like my book. Some people are going to hate it. The good thing about people is that they’re all different and all have different opinions, and that’s OK. Having reviews (whether good or bad) is cool. It’s kind of a thrill to have people talking about my book, regardless of what they say. Especially when most people, even those who are unimpressed, mention a passing interest in a sequel. *rubs hands together* HA! I knew I’d get you one way or another…


Just putting together a little presentation for school book week and remembered the quote about books being lighthouses in the sea of time. Apparently originally said by Edwin Percy Whipple. I really like the idea of books passing their stories, their information, their wisdoms, their voices, their messages out across the vast, dark ocean between them and the people reading them.

Anyway I’ve named this blog in honour of that quote, and I will write stuff on it that’s more likely to be unbearable than much of a lighthouse. But, you know, I guess that’s OK too.